About Yonit

They say “Necessity makes strange bedfellows”.

That’s how my Linux career started, fresh out of  NT 4  admin course, working as  a windows sysadmin, i inherited a couple of battered Linux DNS server (redhat) which soon died.

I didn’t even know what “ls” is, but i had to reinstall a fresh Linux based DNS server from scratch, and it was the most interesting thing i have done !

I was terrified of the servers at first, but soon enough i learned what i needed to work with it and never looked back, the next job i took was a Linux sysadmin position, and that’s what I’m doing since then,  10 years  after.

Linux is my hobby, passion and proffession and I just love this platform, its working great, its cheap,
one sysadmin can manage hundreds of servers by himself (If they are installed correctly that is), and any IT manager can save his company thousands of dollars by moving applications to Linux servers.

This blog is to help other sysadmins with their Linux issues, i have learned and still learn a lot about Linux, IT management, high traffic web sites and Linux – windows integration, and i wish to help others with the know how i acquired over the years.

2 thoughts on “About Yonit”

  1. Very interesting blog. I’m not a sysadmin, I wish. I work for a medium sized UK isp, try to work it out from my email address. I work in customer services but that is my aim eventually.

    I have until recently run my own lamp server for about 4 years until it died recently, I learnt alot along the way. I know bits and I keep reading all the time. I’m currently reading about lvm so I can setup my new box as best as I can and secure as possible.

    Thanks for a great read.


  2. i found it useful blog as well as i found the about statements a motivating words for beginners and for me to stay in Linux world

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