Top 5 Budweiser Wassup Commercial

Some things leave an impression on people for many years,
even if they were meant to be short lived.

The Budweiser commercials are just damn good.
Every couple of years I watch them again and enjoy them like it’s the first time.

But you have to watch them in a good sequence – so here is my pick of the Budweiser Commercials:

The Original Budweiser Commercial:

The pizza version:

The girl invastion:

The wassabi version:

8 years later
The Budweiser Wassup Commercial has evolved to reflect the changes:

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Budweiser Wassup Commercial”

  1. How about a budweiser commercial. showing a man in his garage getting ready to go fishing. wifes pestering him about how long he will be gone fishing.She is in the kitchen. You see him reaching in the refrigerator thats in the garage grabbing the beer. while getting the beer he forgets the worns fishing bait that was next too the beer. He hollars to the wife see you later hauls all his fishing gear to the car and heads to the lake. Gets to the lake puts up his folding chair starts to fix his rod and reel to fish then realizes he for got the bait. slumps in his chair alittle upset. turns to the cooler with the budweiser in it opens a bottle takes a drink. and then see’s a little turtle with a worm in his mouth. Walks over takes the worm from the turtle and sends him on his way. The turtle looks back at him he feels sorry for the turtle and grabs him backup and give the turtle a drink of his bublight. then put the worm on the hook an starts fishing. Afew minutes later he feels a tugging at his pant leg looks down see’s the turtle on the ground with three more worms in his mouth.

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