disable selinux

The new selinux mechanism provides many security policies through ACL management,
it wil greatly enhance your overall security on your server, and you can read some about it on wikipedia.
but when working on a development server it can slow work down, so sometimes disabling this feature is the best and fast option.
for example when your web server or php script wont delete a file it has full permissions on, this could be caused by selinux.

first check if selinux is enabled:


will show you the current status for selinux.
the usage for the command is:

/usr/sbin/setenforce –help
usage: /usr/sbin/setenforce [ Enforcing | Permissive | 1 | 0 ]

and to disable it you can either run:

/usr/sbin/setenforce Permissive

or edit this file:
to set the selinux settings on boot.

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