Free Photo Editor – Top 4

There are many great photo and graphic software for a nice amount of dollars out there, but finding the few good applications that are also free is harder.

Here are a few good ones – both the online version and those you install on your desktop:

Online Photo Editor

The first one I like is from :


They have a flash interface for editing the image, which allows the app to work well in Linux as well as on windows, and its a decent enough image editor, but the most impressive application on their site is not the image editor but the color editor tool Toucan:


What is so good about this tool? well, part of my job is to make graphs,
some of them are dynamic, some of them are RRD based or excel based, or just a static graph to show some stats to the management, but they should be nice to look at, and here is my problem as i have no sense for color picking, i usually get some ugly graphs.

Toucan color picking wheelbut this is where this tools steps in – it allows you to pick a group of colors that go well together.

you choose how many colors you need and it will help you group them from these options:

  • equidistant
  • Circular
  • Alternate


and you can save your color groups for later use:

Toucan clipboard

So this tool helps in creating good looking graphs…


now this is another nice color picking tool, it loads faster then Toucan,
and does the same work.

Another Online image editor


pixlr online photo editor

Pixlr gives an easy feel of photoshop application, while it is also a flash application which loads into your browser – no install needed.

The best part about this app is the tools it lets you use on the image you load into it:

  • Red eye reduction tool
  • Bloat
  • Pinch
  • Dodge
  • Smudge (my favorite as you can see in the image above)
  • gradient
  • crop

And many more, if you need to quickly edit an image, without buying a software to do that, pixlr can be a very handy tool.

Offline Free Image Editors


This is a great easy to use image editor, its quickly installed and its very simple interface is smooth to work with, the great plus about this app is it will allow you to easily drop a print screen image on it and start editing and cropping it as needs be.

The only drawback for is that its using the .net framework, which is not Linux native (ha!),
which brings us to the finalist:

Free Linux Photo editor

Gimp !!!


Gimp is the all time champion when it comes to Linux free image editors,
It is a very strong software with many options and features, and filters and brushes,
and people keep creating more free filters and brushes all the time.

gimp brush tool

It comes with a lot of default brushes, but you can easily download some beautiful brushes some other happy user created.

Creative Commons

Now – combine all or any of these tools together with free images downloaded which you can search for at the CC search web page and you are ready to create some fine images which you can use anywhere.

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