Linux Server Information – The Easy Way


In my last post I talked about listing your Linux server hardware information via command line tools,
but for the lazy Linux sysadmins there is a tool which will collect all your Linux server information for you in one swipe.

cfg2html tool

It will collect everything and sort it out, and will create a nice html for you to list everything you ever wanted to know about your Linux server.

it will list this info and much much more:

  • The Operation system installed and current status of it
  • reboots
  • memory consuming processes
  • uptime
  • services startup and runlevel
  • current and default runlevel
  • crontab listing
  • a lot of info about all the hardware installed
  • which packages are installed
  • Hard-disks information
  • LVM info
  • all the different network settings
  • Kernel modules and libraries
  • and a lot more.

simple cfg2html Installation:

download the package from the server:

cd /tmp
rpm -ivh cfg2html-linux-1.60-1.noarch.rpm

if there is already an older version installed you can update it with:

rpm -ivh –freshen cfg2html-linux-1.60-1.noarch.rpm

edit the server details config text file:

vi /etc/cfg2html/systeminfo

and run the Linux server info gathering script:


this will create a couple of files named after your computer name and a couple of images.
all you have left to do is open the server_name.html file with your favorite browser (eg. firefox) and that’s it – all your Linux server information is there to go through.

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