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staff meeting

Every one makes his one way in the world,
and every manager creates his own path,
but it is always helpful to get help from people who already walked the path,
and have research numbers to back them up.

So I’m searching for resources on the Managerial profession,
and Today I have listened to an interesting Podcast, or at least the first half of it,
Which talked about Staff Meeting, the importance of them,
The fact that they should be weekly – and that’s very important apparently.

I haven’t been running weekly staff meeting until now but scheduled random staff meetings,
but I will schedule them weekly for the next few months to see how that affects work.

the podcast can be found on the Managers Tools website

And another nice page I have found there New manager start from Basics page,
which organizes their important podcasts by the best order for new managers.
the main topics from their basics page are:

  • one on one meetings
  • feedback
  • coaching
  • delegation
  • running effective meetings

I will be going through these podcasts in the coming days, be sure to follow the posts !

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