Supply Chain Management – Each Module

Supply Chain Management – the 12 modules – Each Module can be viewed separately.

The whole list is about 1 hour to watch.

You can view the Supply Chain Management as 1 playlist in this post.


Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? [8:05]


Module 2: Buy It: Managing Supply [3:46]

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Supply Chain Management – Play list

Supply Chain Management – the 12 modules – Viewable as one Playlist.

The whole list is about 1 hour to watch.

You can view the Supply Chain Management each module separately in this post.

The Modules included in this overview are:

  1. What is Supply Chain Management? [8:05]
  2. Buy It: Managing Supply [3:46]
  3. Make It: Manufacturing and Operations [4:23]
  4. Move It: Transportation and Logistics [3:45]
  5. Sell it & Service It: Retail Considerations [3:39]
  6. Supply Chain Integration [4:41]
  7. Global Supply Chain Management [4:07]
  8. Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management [4:33]
  9. Business Processes [4:13]
  10. Measuring Performance [5:17]
  11. Quality Management [3:20]
  12. Supply Chains and Information Technology [3:53]

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Great Online Stop Watch

This Online tool can be found here:

A very Easy to use online stop watch for all your IT needs, including:

  • limiting meeting sections (lets not talk about this subject more than 10 minutes)
  • counting time to measure a time limited action (how much time it really took the switch to reboot)
  • testing to see if an IT action was able to finish within the time limit set (DB switch should be completed in 5 minutes)

etc …

it has 2 useful modes:

  • Stop Watch
  • counter

both look like this:

but you setup the counter with this preliminary screen:


Volkswagen – The Fun Theory

A very nice initiative from Volkswagen –
of course a successful Viral positive publication initiative as well – and yet very charming.

Volkswagen tested some theories of how to make people co-operate on tasks which usually get lower support,
by making them fun for the participates.

Here is a short example of how fun makes people prefer going through the harder way up :)


Gaming at work

Another interesting example of this idea is how fun at work improves the working day,
the worker contribution to the work place and productivity,
a couple of articles that I found interesting about this are:

Research proves online gaming at work is good for you – and for your boss


Does Gaming at Work Improve Productivity?


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Finding HBR articles on the net

I love HBR articles – Harvard Business Review Web site is great, and full with interesting readings,
but I can’t afford buying them for 5$ each,
still they can be easily accessed with an easy to use pdf search engine,
here is a simple example:

Lets say I’ve stumbled over this nice article I wish to read:
“How Leaders Create and Use Networks” by Herminia Ibarra, Mark Hunter.

It looks nice enough and I want to go over it, but I don’t want to pay the 6.95$ HBR are asking for it,
a very simple way to find it would be to search for it in any given PDF search engine available, or even google engine itself.

For example:
Go to
and search for:

hbr  How Leaders Create and Use Networks

The First result will send you to:

which includes the entire article in a PDF version ready for reading :)

Google search:

just write in the search panel the name of the article you are looking for and “filetype:pdf”
For example, in our case I will search for:
How Leaders Create and Use Networks filetype:pdf

from the results I got,
one option lead to
which included a nice reading Article Digest for this HBR article

another option lead to
which also included the full article in PDF ready for reading and typing.

Happy reading :)

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