SEO guides – the best i found on the net

best seo guides

SEO – the art of search engine optimization, is a subject worth learning, and im reading and searching for information and tutorials about it all the time. many sites are talking about SEO and give a lot examples and full guides, but this week i found two really great guides worth reading and applying.

SEO Tutorial

The first guide is from The Dough Blogger which is in interesting site,
it has only 3 pages at all, and yet it has a Google Page rank of 4, which is impressive for such a small site.
The tutorial itself is The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Money Making WordPress Blog,
and you can grab at it here.
Although some of the recommendations in it i didn’t apply to my site, there were other that i did the first thing after going over the tutorial, a great example would be the theme <h2> tags.
In the theme im using here, the right sidebar has widgets in it, and their titles from the wordpress default are <h2>, which makes Google think the important words on my site are pages and categories.
Another point i found interesting is the update Services: when you publish a new post the wordpress software can push that post to different update services, but for that you need to add them to the wordpress config.

Make money online case study

Now this guide left me awake until 4 AM, i couldn’t stop reading it, it was so inspiring and moving.
On the googlelady site i found this guide, with the weekly steps she did to generate revenue from her new from scratch web site.
she started a new fresh site, with no page rank, and on a niche she doesn’t know anything about, and with only 100$ in her budget, and a 3 months time limit.
after 3 months she created 11,000$ from that site.
Its an amazing guide and im still reading it over and over and applying the lessons.

Free SEO Tools

Another good link is for the good guys at gscripts with their Free SEO Tools page,
they have backlink checker – which will also show you the page rank for each link,
keyword density tool for you to count the most appearing words on your site,
and search engine position tool – which helps you find your location on the list for a specific search keyword.

I’m starting to apply these guides now, and ill update when i see results!!

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    1. hi – this is the ProSense theme from doshdosh … (links at the bottom) but im planning to replace it – its not the best for SEO , it needs improvements.

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