SharePoint to Google sites – how to move your files

Many organisations now move to use the Google office suite for their day-to-day office needs,
this includes the Google sites service which allows you to easily create internal portals for the different
organisation’s departments.

This move allows for a department to share an internal web site that has easy access from home as well with the regular office google account,
it also allows for better collaboration with other branches of the same company located far away – as it saves the need for an office VPN, or the need to connect to a server that is located in a branch in another country,
instead – everybody just connect to Google.

But what do we do if our files are already on the office internal SharePoint?

apparently – the migration processes from SharePoint to Google sites is not as hard ,
here are two working options.

Exporting from SharePoint

Connect to the SharePoint and browse to where you keep the files you wish to move,
choose  “Actions –>  Open with windows explorer”


you will get and explorer folder listing all the shared files there,
at this point you can select all the folders  and copy them locally to your desktop or to a network share – if the size of the files is too large.

The only folder not to copy over is the “forms” folder – as it is a system folder and you do not need to move it too.



Uploading files to Google Sites

Here we have 2 options:

  1. Use native Google Sites files upload option

    This option works well only if you have a very small number of files and folder to upload


  2. Use Google Sites API

     The Google sites API  will allow you to upload multiple files and folders, 
    it support now two languages –

  • Java
  • Pythonand you can read some more about in the Official Google Enterprise Blog .
    The API allows you to:
  • create new sites
  • retrieve , create , change and delete pages
  • upload and download attachments and files
  • change sharing settings
  • and manage templates



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