Social Networking Map

social networking map

This Link will lead you to this social-networking-map in full size,
which is a lovely Data Visualization which i love,
you can see in this post here about Management Data Visualization all kind of samples of Management related Data Visualization images.

The issue I want to raise here besides my appreciation for the designing of this concept,
Is the fact I didn’t find ICQ in there.

Now I have a special place in my heart for ICQ,
and since they still have many millions of users, I think they should have ben represented in this image,
But all I could find there are some “receding glaciers of AOL” and “AIM Tundra”.

I think ICQ was the Origin of the internet socializing idea, and some kind of a relic at least should be in it,
although ICQ is still alive and kicking, and in the process of changing ownership – ICQ Sold to the Russians.

So, My question for the day is:

Can you Find ICQ in the picture, Boys and Girls?

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