Supply Chain Management – Each Module

Supply Chain Management – the 12 modules – Each Module can be viewed separately.

The whole list is about 1 hour to watch.

You can view the Supply Chain Management as 1 playlist in this post.


Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? [8:05]


Module 2: Buy It: Managing Supply [3:46]

Module 3: Make It: Manufacturing and Operations [4:23]


Module 4: Move It: Transportation and Logistics [3:45]


Module 5: Sell it & Service It: Retail Considerations [3:39]


Module 6: Supply Chain Integration [4:41]

Module 7: Global Supply Chain Management [4:07]


Module 8: Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management [4:33]


Module 9: Business Processes [4:13]


Module 10: Measuring Performance [5:17]


Module 11: Quality Management [3:20]


Module 12: Supply Chains and Information Technology [3:53]

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