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HBR – Harvard Business Review Magazine

Lately I’m reading a lot of articles from the Harvard Business Review Magazine,
which publishes Articles and blog posts and case studies that were created to improve the practice of management and its impact in a changing world.

Most of the blog posts are free to read and some of the Articles from the magazine too,
but the most are sold for a price.

The site focuses on topics like:

  • Change management
  • Information technology
  • Leadership
  • Operations management
  • Strategy
  • Systems theory

or on Management Skills as:

  • Becoming a manager
  • Career planning
  • Coaching
  • Decision making
  • Delegation
  • Developing employees
  • Improving performance
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Interviewing
  • Leading teams
  • Managing people
  • Managing yourself
  • Team building

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World Statistics

This is going to be a praise post for gapminder.com :)

I’m going over the data at the site and its amazing stuff,
the main page has lots of statistics which is shown in a new way,
the gapminder app shows the data at what i think is a 4 dimension way,
it shows x and y axis stats, and another axis represented as the size of the balls in the demo,
and how they grow over the 4th dimension – time.

Amazing stuff.


This is the main stats app:

Gapminder stats tool

you can see the advance of the bubbles over the x and y axis,
the z axis is represented with the balls size,
and its all advancing in time.
this default presentation shows Life expectancy over income per person, over population size.

wonderful demo.

Marriage Statistics

This great demo shows you the connection between women age at marriage and the amount of kids they have,
on of the things this tool does best is break myths.
I was under the impression that in Europe – Sweden for example, the marriage age went down,
and with it the number of kids in the family,
but from this graph you can simply see that the number of kids in a family went drastically down over the last 100 years, but the marriage age went drastically up only in the last 30 years,
ans the same behavior can be seen for the US as well.

women age at marriage

Now for the good news.
you cannot upload your own stats to the gapminder app directly,
but Google supplies a very similar tool through its Google documents apps.
Its called motion chart and on the gapminder site you can read the short or the long explanation to how to use the tool, after testing it the outcome can be inserted into any web page and it looks something like this:

I’m still exploring this Google motion chart app,
and my main concern is that it can only be embedded in a live web page,
I still need to find a way to have this presentation as a file on my laptop, to show even if I’m not connected to the net –
If anybody knows how to do that – leave a comment here please :)

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Improving Your WebSite Performance

Why is my site slow?
Why is my Bounce Rate so high?
How to improve my site’s performance?

These are some of the questions bothering web masters and site owners all the time,
here are some tools and readme’s that will:

  • test your site
  • find bottle necks
  • measure performance from the outside
  • get tips for fixing the problem areas in your site
  • and knows list of issues every site is suffering from

so lets start with online freeware tools and external web site test tools.

Check if your Google Analytics is working well in your site

Who is watching the watchman?

first thing to check – are you getting the accurate statistics from your site?
is your Analytics account configured well?
are you even really using one?

SiteScan™ is a diagnostic tool from EpikOne that verifies if your Google Analytics (GA)
Tracking Code is installed properly on your website.

sitescan google analytics

This scan will go over each page and verify that the Google Analytics code is embedded correctly to each of your page, this can help you diagnose if your bounce rate is high because the Analytics cant see their next click,
or maybe you should really work on your site design.

How does my code looks like from the browser?


From the firebug download page:

Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page..

This is the basic tool to verify your code as it seen from the browser side,
you can click a specific element on your page, and get a list on the right pane window of firebug,
of all the css code that is effecting this element, even if the code span multiple css files.

Why is my page so slow?

the yslow tool from yahoo will go through the elements of your page,
and by using a preset list of rules, it will tell you which parts of the website you should fix,
and what to fix.

The yslow firefox plugin needs the firefox firebug installed first.

If you want to learn more deeply on the reasons behind each of the testing rules yahoo though about you can read the very informative document from yahoo about “Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

Feed Validator

Get your rss feed validated

AOL webpagetest

from the AOL web page test:

Pagetest allows you to provide the URL of a webpage to be tested. The test will be conducted from the location specified and you will be provided a waterfall of your page load performance as well as a comparison against an optimization checklist.

aol pagetest waterfall

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The Best Wiki Ever: WikiMapia

So I though I realy love WordPress,
But lately I get to see more and more sites based on wiki,
and I’m realy impressed with what wiki apps can offer.

In my post about implementing wiki I have given some samples of regular sites using wiki as their CMS (Content Management System), but this map site i’ve found today is using wiki for a whole new way,
by letting people mark specific spots and locations on a joined map.


This is the site’s description from its own front page:

WikiMapia is an editable interactive map.
The Goal of Wikimapia is to create and maintain a free,
complete, multilingual, up-to-date map of the whole world.

But i think images will do the work best –
here are a few views you can use to watch a specific area:

The Classic view – with areas marked on the map

Classic wikimapia view Area_selection

In the case of New-York, People have even marked
each building with its name

marked buildings

The wiki has a drop down category list of interesting
views to use


I can choose a close restaurant to go to


Or to create a list of interesting spots by their distance
from each other and plan my visit days by areas

Interesting Places

And I can see the exact same category on the regular map view

Google Map view

I’m very pleased with this site, it can help you plan your travels, choose activities by their walking distance from each other, search for shops near by.

and of course – its all updated by the poeple for the poeple.

amazing work, cheers!

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Google and SEO: Matt Cutts videos


Anybody writing a blog or editing a web site knows the importance of SEO for its search engine ranking, search engine optimization is second in importance to a good page content alone.
The words are arranged in the site, the headlines, the page title, meta tags and other on page elements can affect the site’s search engine ranking and basically – count for how many people will see the page at all.
Like the old saying – Its not just what you say, its how you say it.

And that’s where Matt Cutts comes into the picture,Matt works for Google search engine group for a long while now and has many insights into how Google ranking works and what to do if you want to be part of the top 10.
These are a couple of great videos featuring Matt, where he explains and shows many examples as he reviews specific sites for the good and bad elements in the sites SEO wise.

Another great lecture from Matt, although a little old – and yet still very relevant is the SEO for wordpress lecture which is really worth the time spent listening to,
In his Blog Matt gives many links to those who don’t want to listen the full hour it takes,
starting with the power point from the lecture, through a full transcribe of the talk, and even a shorter summery for the full lecture.

Basically since I have started to follow these guidelines,
my web site traffic has doubled itself and that’s the best incentive I can offer to sit and watch the 2 videos as long as they are, so go on and watch them, you’ll thank me later…

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Get Better Google Adsense Ads!

For site depending on Google AdSense commercials for income,
it is important to have better targeted ads to your content, n order to get better results from the ads,
an easy way to get better targeted ads on your site is by telling google what are the important parts on the page and what they should take special notice of.


You can take a look at the adsense targeting page or read the short version below:

Target area for adsense:

<!– google_ad_section_start –>

<!– google_ad_section_end –>

I think its best to have the whole post between these tags, and I also include the comments section between them,
and you can use more then one section like this on your page.

Make Google ignore a part of your page:

<!– google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) –>

<!– google_ad_section_end –>

For wordpress you need to edit the single.php and add the tags before and after the post data.

Hopefully this will bring better targeted ads for each page, and higher click rate. good luck!

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