Why I love Linux

Hi All,
after many years in the job – Linux System Admin that is,
I’ve decided to start my own spot in the net with a collection of solutions I found to various Linux questions.
starting with Windows NT admin way back then, moving to Linux was scary at the beginning, but with each passing day,
I learned that I love Linux much much more,
especially because you can solve each issue in so many different ways,
i can think of at least 5 ways to create a redirect in the web environment using php, apache, html, or plain simple link in command line. And that’s without giving it a lot of thought.

Well here goes – welcome to my blog, and i hope you find help here!!

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4 thoughts on “Why I love Linux”

  1. Hi yonitg,

    Im a tech guy and I have used linux before. I want t use it yet Im scared and I dont know where to start. Im on a dual boot now windows and linux mint. Though I have the latest version for suse. Which linux is preferable for you as an admin? Can I ask some heads up on where to start without any cost? I really want to get rid of windows on my laptop. I also want to start “hacking” things with linux. I want to start learning to hack in my own little ways though. Its not a bad aim but I just want to learn these things.

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