The Best Wiki Ever: WikiMapia

So I though I realy love WordPress,
But lately I get to see more and more sites based on wiki,
and I’m realy impressed with what wiki apps can offer.

In my post about implementing wiki I have given some samples of regular sites using wiki as their CMS (Content Management System), but this map site i’ve found today is using wiki for a whole new way,
by letting people mark specific spots and locations on a joined map.


This is the site’s description from its own front page:

WikiMapia is an editable interactive map.
The Goal of Wikimapia is to create and maintain a free,
complete, multilingual, up-to-date map of the whole world.

But i think images will do the work best –
here are a few views you can use to watch a specific area:

The Classic view – with areas marked on the map

Classic wikimapia view Area_selection

In the case of New-York, People have even marked
each building with its name

marked buildings

The wiki has a drop down category list of interesting
views to use


I can choose a close restaurant to go to


Or to create a list of interesting spots by their distance
from each other and plan my visit days by areas

Interesting Places

And I can see the exact same category on the regular map view

Google Map view

I’m very pleased with this site, it can help you plan your travels, choose activities by their walking distance from each other, search for shops near by.

and of course – its all updated by the poeple for the poeple.

amazing work, cheers!

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