World Statistics

This is going to be a praise post for :)

I’m going over the data at the site and its amazing stuff,
the main page has lots of statistics which is shown in a new way,
the gapminder app shows the data at what i think is a 4 dimension way,
it shows x and y axis stats, and another axis represented as the size of the balls in the demo,
and how they grow over the 4th dimension – time.

Amazing stuff.


This is the main stats app:

Gapminder stats tool

you can see the advance of the bubbles over the x and y axis,
the z axis is represented with the balls size,
and its all advancing in time.
this default presentation shows Life expectancy over income per person, over population size.

wonderful demo.

Marriage Statistics

This great demo shows you the connection between women age at marriage and the amount of kids they have,
on of the things this tool does best is break myths.
I was under the impression that in Europe – Sweden for example, the marriage age went down,
and with it the number of kids in the family,
but from this graph you can simply see that the number of kids in a family went drastically down over the last 100 years, but the marriage age went drastically up only in the last 30 years,
ans the same behavior can be seen for the US as well.

women age at marriage

Now for the good news.
you cannot upload your own stats to the gapminder app directly,
but Google supplies a very similar tool through its Google documents apps.
Its called motion chart and on the gapminder site you can read the short or the long explanation to how to use the tool, after testing it the outcome can be inserted into any web page and it looks something like this:

I’m still exploring this Google motion chart app,
and my main concern is that it can only be embedded in a live web page,
I still need to find a way to have this presentation as a file on my laptop, to show even if I’m not connected to the net –
If anybody knows how to do that – leave a comment here please :)

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2 thoughts on “World Statistics”

  1. Dear yonitg,

    Thank you for your post. Cool to see that you are experimenting with Googles Motion Chart.

    I am sorry to say but as far as know there are no easy way of saving you motion chart on you laptop for off-line use. But then again, I am no expert on Motions Chart, it’s Googles tool.

    From what I understand it might be possible to create some kind of solution using the API and simulate a database i your laptop but that is beyond my knowledge.

    From Gapminders point of view, we will within shortly launch a downloadable version of our graph with all 500+ indicators in an desktop version. Keep your eyes on or subscribe to our newsletter to get it when its launched.

    Good luck!

    Staffan, Gapminder

  2. Thank you for the information! The way you displayed the information is absolutely devastating! All of my friends will know about this site!

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